What Impact Will the Overall Micro-transaction model Take To MapleStory

MapleStory really changed how online gaming is viewed as a business. When we first introduced the game to the North American market in 2005, our free-to-play model was a completely foreign concept here and many in the industry confidently wrote it off as an Asian model that will “never work.”



Once we gained traction and started attracting millions of loyal and enthusiastic players, it demonstrated that free-to-play would work in the West and it helped pave the way to widespread adoption of this business model that we are seeing today.


So we can expect the Overall Micro-transaction model currently, which will add more fun to MapleStory. Every update is to make MapleStory more and more fun, more and more to meet the public interest, so as to attract more MapleStory new players, so then we expect that we can experience this new game mode as soon as possible, we should believe MapleStory will be better and better.


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