What Is the New Update for Crops System in MapleStory

We introduced in the last article that MapleStory will release a big update this summer, we have introduced the role of the game before the update skills: All the New 5th Job Advancement Skills Will Happen in MapleStory, today we will introduce more details about the Crops System updates in MapleStory.


• Increase the role and earn money when you join the new Corps system!

• Open the character Lv. Has completed the second job promotion of the age of 60 and above (zero role of 130 years old and above).

• A qualified character can be a member of the Legion and give a specific location on a collaborative grid. Synergy Grid has 16 regions, each with unique statistics. If you place a role in the area, you will unlock the statistics bonus!


• Each character is displayed as a special block on the Synergy Grid. Depending on their level, some roles may take up more space than other roles. The more areas you control, the more likely you will be to access special grid statistics bonuses.

• Use collaborative grids, like a puzzle, to fit your role (by rotating and flipping their blocks) in the right way to maximize the bonuses you want.

• When you upgrade Legion Ranking, you can unlock more Synergy Grid and get more results! You can upgrade your rankings by going to a certain level in the Legion, and then pay the Corps Bonus.


• You can get Corps coins by joining Corps, which is a co-operative fight that will make your Legion members role out of touch with the intense dragon and its spawning. Once the fighting begins, your Legion members will automatically start attacking. When you cause harm, you will get the Corps coins needed to raise the rankings of the Corps.

• You can also use the Corps coins to buy buff, scrolls, growth syrups from Legion Coins.

• Depending on how much money you earn each week, you may find yourself ranked first in the weekly rank of coin collectors! If you are in the top 100 roles, you can get rewards such as Legion Hill and extraordinary planner head.

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