What're the Best Places to Grind in MapleStory M

Grinding is an essential part of MapleStory M, you can depend on quests the majority of the time when you're in the reduced levels, but you've got to begin grinding later in the event you want to level up quicker. So what're the ideal locations to grind, and which Star Force Field was the ideal for me.


Levels 1 – 90


This portion would be the easiest inside the game. You may quite a great deal rely on quests alone to obtain you right here. The will need to grind begins somewhere involving level 90 - 100 if my memory doesn't fail me. That stated, it is nevertheless uncomplicated fairly easy to level up and you can level up a minimum of once every day.



Levels 90 – 99


Here's where you commence slowing down in leveling but continues to be comparatively fast. Should you have enough stars (total enhancements on gear), you ought to check out the Star Force Fields. When I was within this level variety, I educated in SF 30, i.e. the Cactus Desert, and it's encouraged for levels 90 to one hundred even within the game. I nonetheless mostly relied on quests to level up in this variety. You don't actually grind that significantly here.


Levels 100 – 110


For levels one hundred to 110, I personally trained at SF 40, which appears like a lab. It's referred to as Lab - Unit 102. It is not specifically the best location to train till you hit level 110, but it is great for saving potion.


These robotic monsters don't use magic attacks and merely hit you physically by touching. You are able to possibly save some potion here. The EXP may possibly be fantastic at the beginning of level one hundred, but not a lot at level 109. Some individuals may also opt to train in the Sky Terrace two for each MapleStory M Mesos and EXP.


A smaller sized group of my good friends went to SF 65 as an alternative as the EXP is improved than SF 40 however the Kentaurus uses each physical and magic attacks. It is far more potion-intensive. I guess it is up to you here to decide which Star Force Field (SF) to utilize. It depends upon how good your equipment, as well as your weapon, are at that level.


MapleStory M Grind Guide


Also, some classes tend to survive far better when mobbing (e.g. Dark Knight when charging). By the way, no one definitely recommends SF 45 or 55, so it's difficult to locate a party there. Jumping from SF 40 to SF 65 seems to be the improved alternative.


Levels 110 – 120


Going from level 110 to 111 is easy simply because the quest takes place to give you a massive boost of practically 75% EXP which is insane. The true grind begins from level 111. The best spot for this level might either be SF 65 or SF 80 based in your gear.


For those who can kill the Nest Golems in SF 80 relatively rapid and not die, it is certainly a better option. I advise at least full uniques for SF 80, as well as your weapon need to be close to legendary at the very least (e.g. max level exclusive).


At the moment, I'm utilizing a low-level Mythic claw, so I'm able to kill the mobs right here in two hits with my mobbing ability, and 1 hit with my throwing stars.


When I was using my one of a kind claw, I consider I took 4 - 5 hits to kill, but inside a celebration of six players, it might be sufficient. Most importantly, you might want to be able to survive when you're undertaking auto-battles. The more rapidly you'll be able to kill, the much better. Also, there are plenty of parties in SF 80, that is great for grinding purposes.


One more solution is SF 90 in case your weapon is genuinely superior. Though most prefer SF 80 to SF 90, the latter isn't as painful. Helly and Chirpy don't use magic attacks, so you can possibly survive there. Additionally, for Bowmasters who hate receiving knock backed, SF 90 might be good for you personally as they don't do knockbacks.


Otherwise, just get a full set of yellow jewels for knockback resistance if you wish to utilize SF 80. Some even train at SF 105 or SF 110 but that is only worth it for those who are utilizing great end-game gear.

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