• Nexon Revealed New Content To Celebrate MapleStory Eight Years [07/23/2017]

    Over the past eight years, the history of European MapleStory has created nearly four million people. To celebrate, publisher Nexon has created a new 30 quest story about Mu Gong's most famous student Jinlong and Red Tiger plot.

  • Maple Heroes Entered MapleStory This Summer [07/20/2017]

    Nexon will launch a series of updates for MapleStory in the coming months. Known as "Maple Hero", "Reborn: Act 1" will be launched in June, Blaster will launch a new course in July, and in August released a new boss Damien.

  • 4 Features You Should Know About MapleStory [07/18/2017]

    MapleStory is a free game from Wizet and Nexon scrolling MMORPG. Into a magical and mysterious world, epic adventures, actions and good friends waiting for you. Explore the land of Maple Leaf World, create and train a strong hero, conquer dangerous underground city, overcome terrible bosses, and interact with your friends more.

  • MapleStory Restart the Copy Of the Earth Defense Headquarters To Celebrate the 12th Anniversary [07/16/2017]

    MapleStory has been 12 years old! Yesterday Game Orange announced a new replica map of the "Earth Defense Headquarters" in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, and invited the players to assist the "Maple Leafers" to save the "Earth Defense Headquarters" crisis.

  • MapleStory News: Thousands Of Players Spell the Maple Leaf Graphics To the Guinness Book of World Records [07/14/2017]

    Game orange's popular game "New MapleStory" to thank the players for many years to support, while celebrating "BEYOND" revision, 1,558 players work together to spell "new maple" Maple Leaf Totem in the Taipei Flower Bo Competition Museum on July 13th, that breaking the Guinness Book of World Records.

  • MapleStory Rolled Out the New Blaster Class [07/12/2017]

    Recently, MapleStory launched the new blaster class which will bring more fun to game, so many MapleStory fans express that they loved the new class very much, and they think they could play game easier than before.

  • Fighting With Your Friends Against Cute Monsters In MapleStory Now [07/10/2017]

    Big News! There's an overload of cute creatures piling onto Android, you can fight with your friends against cute monsters in Pocket MapleStory, which will be more interesting than you play by yourself. So inviting your little partner to play together quickly!

  • MapleStory Will Release Latest Hot Weekend [07/08/2017]

    On the weekend, MapleStory tried to get everyone involved in their titles. Because they are the best time to play because most people are resting on weekends. For them, they bring it to a whole new level with "hot weekend", they offer very special events, usually giving all participants a very special reward.

  • MapleStory Drops A New Trailer For July Override Updates [07/05/2017]

    Nexon's Madness MMO MapleStory is preparing for two new updates this summer, which will "allow players to reinforce their roles with new job skills, fight in new areas and go to new planets."

  • Mobile Version Of MapleStory Is Available Now [07/03/2017]

    Do you know that MapleStory has revealed a mobile version? Now you can download the mobile version, more convenient than before, so you can upgrade your role all the time. So today we come to talk more details about MapleStory Mobile version, if you are interested, welcome to continue reading.

  • Why MapleStory Built On the Free Game Business [07/01/2017]

    One thing we really know is that every game must be handled in its own way. According to our experience with MapleStory, we can see that the free play mode can work. The challenge we face is to apply the winning plan for each new game to the market, which is in balance with the player's value and fun.

  • What Impact Will the Overall Micro-transaction model Take To MapleStory [06/29/2017]

    MapleStory really changed how online gaming is viewed as a business. When we first introduced the game to the North American market in 2005, our free-to-play model was a completely foreign concept here and many in the industry confidently wrote it off as an Asian model that will “never work.”

  • Phantom Skill Build Guide For MapleStory [06/27/2017]

    Every MapleStory player want to play game easier, so they need to know some guides for this game, they they will learn some skills to do tasks with less time, then they could make more mesos, so today I will introduce Phantom Skill Build Guide For MapleStory.

  • Nexon Brings the Blaze Wizard to Pocket MapleStory [06/25/2017]

    Nexon's giving Pocket MapleStory a little love today as they're bringing about their newest update featuring a brand-new character, Which named Blaze Wizard, then you can choose this character if you want to change one, because it will be more interesting than your old character, because there are a lot new features in this new character.

  • Pros And Cons Of MapleStory Luminous Skill [06/22/2017]

    In the battle with the black mage, and other heroes together, trying to block him. But the black mage can not pass some of his darkness to the light before. Now must learn to control the terrible power of the dark magic, and then will consume his soul and into the dark world. Today I will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this skill.

  • MapleStory Online Will Extend To PHL [06/20/2017]

    MapleStory is a 2D rollover multiplayer online role-playing game that has received a large number of followers in Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia and is now known as the localized version of MapleSEA.

  • MapleStory Release A New Trailer for June And July Override Updates [06/18/2017]

    Nexon's Madness MMO MapleStory is stepping up two new features this summer, "allowing players to take on new job skills, fight in new areas, and go to new planets."

  • MapleStory Will Release Update With Advanced Skills [06/15/2017]

    MapleStory has received the biggest update today (2 pm Pacific / 5 pm Eastern) V Update, bringing the fifth job to 200 players. Players will have new skills that can enhance or increase their strength.

  • What Is the New Update for Crops System in MapleStory [06/12/2017]

    We introduced in the last article that MapleStory will release a big update this summer, we have introduced the role of the game before the update skills: All the New 5th Job Advancement Skills Will Happen in MapleStory, today we will introduce more details about the Crops System updates in MapleStory.

  • All the New 5th Job Advancement Skills Will Happen in MapleStory [06/10/2017]

    MapleStory will be a big update this summer, each skill will have some skills to enhance. MapleStory is ready for all directions, and Override Evolve and Override Venture are the names of this update. Then we will be one by one to introduce some of the skills in the game are on what updates.

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