• MapleStory Released A New Collab Event [05/29/2017]

    MapleStory revealed a new collab event few days ago, and the activity will last for almost one month, from May 11 to June 7, so you have about one week to participate in the event, the event is for all 33 years old players, and you can hunt monsters between 10 levels below your own and 20 above, you can collect certain items and fight monsters within a time limit as well. So let us see more contents about the event.

  • Do You Know You Can Marry In MapleStory [05/25/2017]

    Have you experienced a disappointment in love? Do you think it is hard to maintain a good feeling in real life? Maybe you will not think so after reading this article, I will share one phenomenon that the Digital Divorce Disaster Zone in MapleStory to you guys who even do not know you could marry with others in game!

  • What Will We Get From MapleStory MMORPG Hot Week Gift Boxes [05/23/2017]

    Some games are always launched some reward activities, for example, they will do some in-game promotions in which they will give some gifts to their players once they play during the particular time. MapleStory are doing the promotions in their “Hot Weeks”.

  • MapleStory Will Release A New Character: Blaze Wizard [05/21/2017]

    Recently MapleStory added a new role to game, and it is a very popular blaze wizard before, and the official team add this character will attract more MapleStory players to download this game, and you can download IOS and Android version of MapleStory now. Then let's take a closer look at this new role.

  • Pocket MapleStory MMORPG Will Be Available On Android [05/19/2017]

    MapleStory is one of the most popular video games in all PC games, by the fans around the world love and appreciation. And we could see how Pocket MapleStory helps to build and grow the legacy of PC game. And recently Nexon launches Pocket MapleStory MMORPG will be available on Android, Which again in the MapleStory of the players set off a new wave. Then let us see more details about the news.

  • New Reboot World Will Return To MapleStory [05/17/2017]

    Nexon has released that new reboot will return to MapleStory, and the MMORPG will as it roots. That means monsters will become more stronger and you will learn more lessons when you are defeated. And on the other hand, they will remove the game in which items are allowed a significant boost, and you will not allow to trade with other players, they said all changes they made is to focus progress through simply playing MapleStory.

  • What is the New Features Of MapleStory2 [05/15/2017]

    I was lucky to try MapleStory 2 in advance when MapleStory2 CN server is now in it’s final closed beta test, and I find it is really interesting and funny. Maybe some of the MapleStory players still remember the joy when you got out of Rainbow Island, so many years passed, and there were a lot changes and improvements, MapleStory has turn from the 2D side stroller to a 3D block anime MMORPG.

  • Will New Island: Chu Chu Come To MapleStory [05/13/2017]

    MapleStory Devolopers has launched a new area of Arcane River: Chu Chu Island, there are three major regions consist of Arcane River, and Chu Chu Island is one of three. If you are Lv.210 and above, you can visit Chu Chu Island now, but i should give you a advice, you are better a player with a minimum of 100 Arcane Power before exploring the new island full of dangerous monsters.

  • MapleStory Will Release the Newest Patch in May 2017 [05/11/2017]

    MapleStory will release the newest update which MapleStory gamers has been looking for about ten years. This main change will bring the 5th Job Advancement that gamers expecting for a long time, and other key gameplay changes that will change the method players currently play the game. Here are the details about the changes.

  • You Could Not Use Direct Launch Anymore Later in MapleStory [05/08/2017]

    We have many ways to launch a video game if we want to play, for example, we could open it though service, or we can go to a folder that has the gamer launcher, there is no a settled way to launch the game. But now, MapleStory prefer to have you launch the game their way. Here are the details about MapleStory will end the Direct Launch.

  • What if MapleStory Collaborate With Re:Zero [05/05/2017]

    Recently, I saw a news said Nexon’s MapleStory smartphone game app are collaborating with Re:Zero, which is one of 2016’s most popular anime. Why did MapleStory make this decision? and what benefits will MapleStory Fans get from their collaboration? It is said that the app’s English version will feature a lot familiar characters and scenarios. Today, lets learn more details about the event.

  • Why MapleStroy Uses the Bracelet Lady in The Latest Marketing Campaign [05/03/2017]

    Bracelet Lady? Marketing Campaign? MaplStroy? Is there a link between them? That’s the main purpose of the Maplestory SEA, they are launching a no prize contest and attract Maplestory fans participating in, which to achieve the goal of promotion of new game characters. Then lets see the details about the activity.

  • Introduction of Stardust System [05/02/2017]

    A new patch has been released, celebrating 14 years of MapleStory!

  • 14th Anniversary of Maplestory [04/29/2017]

    For celebrating the 14th anniversary of MapleStory, Nexon Co., Ltd has released a new patch of a promotional event. It is a space-themed and features a variety of plants you can travel to with special minigames and benefits. A lot of updates and features have been changed in the new patch.

  • Don’t be a MapleStory Addiction Gamer [04/28/2017]

    Do you know what will happen if one MapleStory Game indulge in the game, you can not image the things because of MapleStory Addiction. I think I should advise your guys who are very fond of playing MapleStory, please don’t become MapleStory’s slaver, ita just a game for relax, but don’t let it affect your real life.

  • Why MapleStory Removed the NPC: Donald Trump? [04/26/2017]

    MapleStory is a so popular and iconic video online game and a lot of gamers play the game from their childhoods, buy I don’t know if you find that there is a non-player character inspired by Donald Trump, who looks exactly like the US President. But MapleStory decide to remove it from Mar 1, why? Lets find the answer for it today.

  • Do you know the Content of MapleStory 5th Job Advancement Update [04/24/2017]

    Recently, Nexon Entertainment announced that the 5th job advancement is coming soon to MapleStory, the long-running free-to-play MMORPG. So the MapleStory fans could be able to get in some play-time with the new feature, which will allow players to experience all class scaling, especially for the long-time fans of MapleStory.

  • How Do You Celebrate for The 12th Anniversary of MapleStory [04/22/2017]

    Every Maplestory fan are celebrating the 12th Anniversary of MapleStory, and Nexon America’s has decided to introduce many events for them. Then every one of them could join in and celebrate the anniversary.

  • Welcome to Redesigned Maplestory Store: ms4mesos.com [04/20/2017]

    Hello every Maplestory fans, have you saw the new site we redesigned? Do you love it? But I love it so much, the look of the layout is so cute which just conform the style in Maplestory. Then lets check out whats the new update on this redesign.

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